We’re proud to have set a new benchmark in beauty as the world’s first carbon positive and 100% circular designed beauty brand.

We have committed to sharing our sustainability blueprint for how we have achieved this new benchmark, with beauty brands around the world.

Below you can read the letter we shared with our industry peers, inviting them to get in touch about their questions and challenges in transitioning to a carbon positive and circular designed business model.

Dear peers,

You see – we have a problem. But before we get into it, we should say – there is a solution.

Our industry’s current economic model is linear. We take from the Earth, make something, then throw it away – take, make, waste. This model is responsible for the 120 billion units of beauty packaging produced globally every single year. That’s the equivalent weight of over 843,000 elephants – almost double the number of elephants left on our planet. Almost all of this packaging ends up in our oceans or landfills and is the single largest contributor of carbon emissions in beauty. So you see – we have a problem in our industry.

But like we said – there is a solution. It’s called a circular economy. It’s about reusing what already exists – keeping our packaging in circulation to create a waste-free beauty system. One that has been estimated to reduce the beauty industry’s carbon emissions by up to 70%.

You might be thinking – but our packaging is 100% recyclable – isn’t that circular? Unfortunately, what you may not know, is that almost no beauty packaging is being recycled through our council collection systems. The economics just don’t stack up – so, to landfill it goes.

At Emma Lewisham, we refuse to accept this linear, waste-filled status quo and instead believe in setting a new benchmark in beauty.

Since inception, we have worked tirelessly to find our circular solutions. We have developed innovative refillable product packaging and sterilisation technology and systems that allow us to take back all of our packaging globally, free of charge, to be first and foremostly refilled and redistributed. And after 18 months of investment (in every sense of the word), we are proud to be setting a new benchmark as the world’s first circular designed beauty brand with a complete carbon positive product range. However, we don’t want to be the last.

So today, we proudly join the movement of collaboration over competition and share with you our circular and carbon blueprints. From refill designs and sterilising processes, to take-back procedures and information on becoming carbon positive. On emmalewisham.com/beauty-blueprint, you will find information that should significantly speed up your transition to a circular, carbon positive model of beauty.

We’re also inviting you to reach out to us about your challenges, so we can help answer your questions and find solutions. We all know that we cannot solve these problems alone. So, let’s tear down the barriers of competition, embrace collaboration and change the rules, together.

Because together, we can create a truly beautiful beauty industry.

Welcome to the future of beauty.

Speak soon,

Emma Lewisham x