The incredible Australian artist behind our limited edition holiday packaging, Gabrielle Penfold has been a long time friend of the brand. Gabrielle’s beautiful designs were inspired by her observations at her local beaches, with her bespoke motifs perfectly capturing the essence of our antipodean summers. Born from hours of slow seaside sketching, Gabrielle used paint to bring them to life from her home studio in Earlwood, Sydney.  

You create beautiful artwork, tell us about your journey to becoming a professional artist?

As a child I was always working with my hands; craft, ceramics, painting... anything. I was lucky, my parents were able to take me overseas when I was young, visiting the major galleries and seeing original artworks did make a huge impression on me. I was also lucky to have amazing mentors who encouraged and inspired me. I suppose my five years at COFA gave me the confidence to step into the art world.

Gabrielle Penfold Art Studio

What is your Emma Lewisham journey and what drew you to collaborate with the brand?

I never want it to be forced when I partner with a brand. Emma actually introduced me to the range herself after she purchased a landscape of the Dedas Valley in Morocco from me. She gifted me with some of her products and I haven’t looked back since. I’m always bragging to my friends that I was the first to get my hands on her serums… I don’t even think they had gone to market yet!

Now it feels natural for us to work on this project together. I respect Emma for making a quality product that makes every effort to be environmentally sustainable. You could say the collaboration is based on mutual respect and admiration.

What inspired the artwork you created in collaboration with Emma Lewisham?

There is something glorious about time you can take for yourself to rest and play in the sun. Where better than in the ‘’Antipodes’’ where the natural pleasures could almost be described as hedonistic… basking in the sun, reading a book by the ocean, fishing or driving up the coast. Although these moments are really simple, they are also astonishingly luxurious.

In my collaboration with Emma I wanted to capture these motifs. The brand epitomises luxury to me. However, it is Emma’s ethical practice that most inspires me and what I sought to celebrate in the artwork.


What is your Emma Lewisham routine?

Having been lucky enough to speak with Emma personally, I like to use the product in the way she has designed them. I do give a bit of special attention to the Supernatural Tripal Vitamin A+ Face Oil. I don't play favorites, but that and the Skin Reset Serum are definitely up there.

What does the future of beauty look like to you?

The future of beauty is accountability. I am so inspired by Emma’s open letter inviting major beauty brands to join her in the quest for sustainability. She is an incredible role model. I think when we look back on it in the future, we will have Emma Lewisham to thank for taking this first step towards a transparent beauty industry.


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