Article 05

How your skin changes throughout the seasons.

And how to minimise the impact on your skin. 

Our skin is the interface between our internal and external environments (our body and the world around us), which is a really tough job. When these environments change, our skin is caught in the middle.

In winter the humidity levels drop, which essentially means there is less water in the air. Your own personal habits also change during this season which also has an effect on your skin – like turning up the heating, which creates hot dry air. Harsh winds and rain can contribute to stripping moisture.

As tempting as it can be, hot long showers also strip your skin of its natural oils and reduces the skin’s ability to hold moisture.

Consider using a humidifier to counteract dry air, and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

We also want to be applying skincare to prevent the loss of moisture and restore it. We recommend our Supernatural Face Crème Riche. It features our signature moisture lock which is our 3 part system that delivers 5 weights of hyaluronic acid and saccharide isomerate to trigger the skin to produce its own hyaluronic acid. We then seal in the moisture with specialised ceramides and lipids. This is proven to increase hydration in the skin for up to 72 hours.

During summer the temperatures and humidity levels rise, this can lead to an increase in sweating, which increases sebaceous gland activity. This can lead to clogged pores which result in breakouts.

However, increased oil on the skin is no excuse to skip moisturiser. Applying moisturiser can help regulate sebum production, aiding in reducing breakouts. Keeping the skin hydrated stops the signal telling the body to produce sebum.

During summer UV intensity tends to be at its highest. UVA rays deeply penetrate the skin, damaging skin cells and collagen. UVB rays cause the skin to burn and tan, having more of an effect on the outer layers of the skin. Look for a broad spectrum UVA / UVB SPF day crème to protect your skin during summer.

The skin is incredibly complex and doesn’t work in a singular way – it requires an intelligent approach where a number of ingredients are working in synergy to address concerns like hydration, dryness or breakouts. Our complex formulations work with your skin, not against it.

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