When you introduce Emma Lewisham into your skincare routine, your skin will benefit from our highly efficacious, natural formulations. We recommend welcoming one or two new products at a time in order to gently allow your skin to adjust to our higher potencies of innovative natural actives. If you have sensitive skin, try starting with a slightly lower dose than is usually recommended or alternating days to ease your skin into our concentrated combinations. This gentle approach helps the skin adjust and then you can begin building up the dosage and frequency over time.

It's important to be aware of a couple of possible things you might experience as you introduce new skincare. The first is purging - purging usually appears as tiny skin-coloured bumps or blackheads over your complexion. It is very common and completely safe, it's simply caused by the active ingredients increasing your skin cell turnover rate in order to reveal brighter, healthier skin. So, if you notice your skin is purging as you introduce new products, rest assured that it’s all part of the renewal process as your skin detoxifies and prepares to reveal your most beautiful, radiant glow. It is not uncommon for your skin to get worse before it gets better, however purging should only last for a few weeks. If your skin hasn’t settled within 4 weeks, we recommend discontinuing use and if necessary, seeking professional advice if necessary.

Sometimes people confuse purging with a skin reaction, which is when your skin is sensitive to an ingredient in the product and unlike purging, you will typically experience moderate breakouts, inflammation or dryness in untypical areas. If your skin is having a reaction, or you’re unsure whether you are experiencing a reaction or purging, please stop using your new product and seek professional advice.

As with most skincare ranges, our formulations are scientifically developed to work in synergy with each other to enhance results. To ensure you’re getting the best results, we recommend following our full routine by slowly introducing each product. As our products are designed to work in synergy, it’s also possible that if you’re using other brands’ skincare, they could contain ingredients that are inhibiting our products from performing at their best. The easiest way to see whether a skincare line works for you, is to use it the way it’s been developed to be used - with other complimentary products from the range.

Not sure which products to introduce first? We always recommend starting with our Skin Reset Serum, Supernatural 72-Hour Crème and Illuminating Oil Cleanser.

For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use your Emma Lewisham products, as well as our top skincare tips, visit our Routines page.