All Emma Lewisham products are designed to be refilled, and by choosing to refill instead of buying brand new packaging, you’re helping to reduce carbon emissions by up to 74%.

We have two types of refill options - pods and pouches. Most of our products have been designed with a refillable pod so that when empty, you simply pop out the empty pod, replace it with a new refill pod and send the empty one back to us to be sterilised and refilled via the Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle. If you are a Beauty Circle Rewards loyalty member you will earn 50 points for every pod or pouch returned, earn 1000 points and receive a complimentary refill with your next purchase.  

Our other products are refillable using refill pouches. When your product is empty, you simply order a refill pouch, pour the contents into your empty vessel and then send the empty pouch back to us for recycling via the Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle. We are also actively exploring viable options for pouches that can be refilled, so we will keep you updated on this.

Please note, we always overfill our products, so you’re getting slightly more than what it says on the jar. This is to ensure that in the event of any product spillage, you are still getting what you’ve paid for.

How to refill: Dual Pods

Follow these instructions for: Supernatural Blemish Serum


How to refill: Airless pods

Follow these instructions for: Skin Reset Serum, Skin Reset Eye Crème, Skin Shield SPF30 and Brighten Your Day Crème.

How to refill: Non-airless pods

Follow these instructions for: Supernatural Face Crème Riche and Supernatural Sleeping Mask

How to refill: Pouches

Follow these instructions for: Illuminating Oil Cleanser, Illuminating Exfoliant, Illuminating Face & Body Oil and Supernatural Face Oil.


If you have any trouble refilling your product, please feel free to contact us at and we'll be happy to assist you.