What does a typical day look like for you?

I usually wake up naturally around 5:45 am and I do my best not to check my emails and phone first thing. Instead, I love to start my day by going for a walk down at Bondi Beach or Centennial Park. For me, walking is meditative and helps to clear my head. It’s also when I feel most inspired, so often by the end of my walk, I have a bunch of new creative ideas that have sprung to mind. Then, when I get home, I have a spoonful of GLOW and COLLAGEN mixed together in a glass of filtered water. GLOW is like my inner beauty moisturiser, while COLLAGEN is my inner beauty serum – and it’s the most delicious skin-loving elixir. Breakfast often consists of eggs, which I have with mushrooms, tomatoes and salmon, or maybe a hearty bowl of porridge made with buckwheat, quinoa, miso, apple and almonds.

Here in Sydney we’re working from home at the moment which has its advantages and disadvantages. I spend most of my days in meetings within different functions of the business. Being the CEO of a growing company, it can be easy to fall into the trap of working long hours and not taking breaks. To negate some of the screen time, I take my dog Wolfie to the park in between Zoom calls.

Cooking is one of my favourite things to do so after work I get in the kitchen. I love combining the joy of cooking with the science of nutrition, so when it comes to my recipes, both gut health and flavour are always top of mind. Depending on what’s in season, dinner could be anything from a salad with veggies and protein, or a piece of grilled or steamed fish with baked sweet potato and sauerkraut, a slow roast, a warming curry or a slow-cooked soup or stew with lots of veggies, herbs, spices and bone broth. My number one rule with all meals is to always have more veggies than meat on my plate.

Then, after dinner, I do my best to wind down and switch off from the day by putting down my phone and enjoying time with my family.




How do you approach wellness and what does that look like to you?

For me, wellness means being healthy and balanced in body, mind and soul and feeling grounded, but energised and inspired at the same time. It’s also about acquiring and harnessing the tools and the knowledge to help me achieve this–through diet, supplements, exercise, relationships and mindfulness. 

Walking is also a key part of my keeping my overall wellbeing in check. It is like a natural filing system for my brain. It is both cathartic, calming and at the same time, energising.  My mind can be full of thoughts, problems, ideas and by the end of the walk, I often have solutions, resolve and a sense of calm. I also find the best way to feel balanced is to ensure I get a full eight hours of sleep–it’s called beauty sleep for a reason. 

What is your favourite Emma Lewisham product and why?

The Emma Lewisham Supernatural 72-Hour Collagen-Boosting Riche Crème. I’ve really noticed that my skin looks so much plumper. It gives my skin that kind of dewy radiance that I love–I don’t mind that feeling when I put on some oil and then I put on a really beautiful moisturiser that makes my skin kind of shiny and dewy.

What are your main skincare concerns and how do you combat them?

I’ve struggled with extremely dry and irritated skin in the past. I ensure I consume alot of healthy fats to keep my skin hydrated from within. It was the main reason I was inspired to create OMEGA ELIXIR, a beautiful oil blend that offers up a perfect ratio of essential fatty acids. 

Any non-conventional skincare tips you have picked up in your lifetime?

I’ve always believed that beauty is an inside-out process and that what we eat can have a profound impact on how we look and feel. While it is, of course, important to look after your skin with topical products, I make it a priority to feed my skin from the inside out by investing in the best quality organic, local and fresh produce to help look after my gut health, which I believe is the best skincare. 

Do you spend time on your skincare routine or do you prefer a quick and easy regimen?

I prefer a quick and easy routine. I have customers saying, ‘I’m using all these serums and supplements I’m not seeing any differences. What can I do? What else can I take?’, but the people that have the best results pare it right back. Less is definitely more when it comes to skincare.



What skincare advice would you give to your younger self?

I would definitely tell my younger self not to sunbake covered in coconut oil! While vitamin D is really good for your skin, immune health, and bone health, it’s important to find a balance between getting enough and protecting ourselves. 

What’s your morning beauty routine v.s. your night routine?

My beauty regime is very simple. Every morning I cleanse my skin with a homemade oil concoction, followed by a swipe of the Probiotic Skin Refiner and then Beauty Fix Balm around my eyes, fine lines and lip area to hydrate and protect. I then apply a face oil, some moisturiser and sunscreen. My evening routine is much the same, although I skip the SPF.

How important is transitioning to a natural, clean skincare routine for you?

Extremely important. I don’t wear a lot of makeup however I’ve always looked after my skin, both by nurturing my gut with nutritious wholefoods and fermented foods, as well as being mindful of the products I use on my face. I ensure the brands I buy have natural, pure and efficacious ingredients and are not mixed with harmful chemicals that will disrupt your skin's natural microbiome.

What’s a memorable piece of beauty/skincare advice you have been given that you cherish?

That no amount of cosmetics can replicate the glow of someone who is comfortable and confident in their own skin.