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*To successfully receive the points and product, your referred friend must be a new customer (has not ordered with us before). After they purchase, your points will be automatically added to your account. By providing the email address of your friend, you acknowledge you have obtained your friend's approval to share their email address for the purpose of receiving one email offer from Emma Lewisham.

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What is Beauty Circle Rewards?  Arrow

A rewards program designed to reward you for helping us to reduce carbon emissions. Refill products earn points at twice the rate of new products and returning pods and pouches to us using our Beauty Circle Rewards label also earns you points.

How do I join Beauty Circle Rewards? Arrow

To join Beauty Circle Rewards, you'll need to create an Emma Lewisham account using your email address and a password. It's free to join and as a bonus for joining, 50 points are automatically added to your account.

Plus if you've shopped with us in the last six months and join before 1 December 2022, we will retrospectively add your points from the last six months to your account (you must join with the email address you've previously shopped with). These historical points will be awarded within five working days of you joining the program. See full terms and conditions.

Why are refills worth more than full products? Arrow

When you purchase one of our refill products, you save up to 74% in carbon emissions. We want to reward you for making this choice to reduce beauty industry waste by giving a higher amount of points.

Will you reward me for returning empty refills? Arrow

Yes, absolutely. Refill pods and pouches that are returned in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom using our Beauty Circle Returns label (you can add to your cart for free during checkout) will earn 50 points per refill returned.

We are working on the solution for our customers in the rest of the world to also be able to earn points from their returns.  

Refills that are returned to our retailers unfortunately will also not be able to be linked back to your Beauty Circle Rewards account so will not earn points.  

Reward points are not issued for returning product jars, bottles or other components, only the refill pods and pouches.  

Will my purchases or returns to your retail partners count?  Arrow

Unfortunately not, this program is just for purchases from You can however still get rewarded for returning pods and pouches that you purchased at retailers. Simply request a Beauty Circle Returns Label with your next purchase on and send your empty pods and pouches to our warehouse.

Will my past orders count?  Arrow

If you have shopped with us in the last six months and join Beauty Circle Rewards before 1 December 2022, we will allocate you points for your last six months of purchases. These historical points will be awarded within five working days of you joining the program. See full terms and conditions.

Do Beauty Circle Rewards points ever expire? Arrow

Yes, after 12 month of no activity Beauty Circe Rewards points will expire.

Do you have a referral program?  Arrow

Yes, we do. To successfully refer a friend through our referral programme, you'll need to create or already have an Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle Rewards account. Then, enter your friend's email address in the "Refer a Friend" section of your Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle Rewards page. Alternatively you can copy your unique link and share it directly with your friend. Your friend must be new to Emma Lewisham (never purchased with us before) and must place an order through your unique referral link. If these conditions are met, your Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle Rewards points will be added to your account automatically.

How do I claim my complimentary refill reward? Arrow

Once you've earnt 1000 points, you'll be able to redeem these points for a voucher code that you can apply on your next purchase to get a complimentary refill. You’ll have six months to claim your free product and will need to do so as part of a purchase, if you are purchasing more than one refill in your transaction, the discount will apply to the lowest price refill in your cart.