Ensure your Emma Lewisham skincare is always topped up by setting up a subscription to your favourite refill products. Subscriptions are easy to set up and you can skip shipments or cancel at any time.

You can earn 20 extra Beauty Circle Rewards points for every subscription Refill order you make. Please note it may take up to two working days for the extra points to appear in your Beauty Circle Rewards Account. 

Plus, you won't pay for shipping on subscriptions to New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Just enter the code 'SUBSCRIPTION' at checkout to activate free shipping. 

How to set up a subscription

  1. Select the refill product you'd like to subscribe to
  2. Instead of selecting 'One-time' select 'Subscribe'
  3. Choose the frequency you'd like to receive your products
  4. Proceed to checkout and check out as normal
  5. We'll send you an email three days before your subsequent subscription orders are due to be processed - you can decide to amend or cancel at any time by logging in to your account.

How to manage your subscriptions

  1. Log in to your Emma Lewisham account - if you don't have one yet, create one here.
  2. Navigate to 'Manage Subscriptions' on the left handside of the account menu.
  3. Select the subscription you'd like to manage
  4. From here you will be able to 'Order now', 'Skip shipment' or Cancel your subscription

Subscriptions FAQ


Q. I've created a subscription, but don't have an Emma Lewisham Account - how can I manage my subscription?

A. Please create an Emma Lewisham Account here - it's simple and will allow you to manage your subscriptions on going.

Q. Do shipping fees apply to subscriptions?

A. Shipping is free for subscriptions shipping to New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom - simply enter the code 'SUBSCRIPTIONS' at the check out to activate free delivery on your subscription orders. If you are setting up a subscription to another country, our standard shipping thresholds apply - check your region's shipping costs for more details.

Q. Will you notify me before my subscription order reoccurs?

A. Yes, three days prior to your card being charged and your order being sent, we will send you an email reminder to the email you provided.

Q. If I don't need a top up, is it possible to skip a shipment instead of cancelling my subscription altogether?

A. Yes, simply log in to your account, click 'Manage Subscriptions' and then select 'Skip Shipment'.

Q. Can I use Afterpay or Laybuy to pay for my subscription?

A. No, unfortunately subscription payments cannot be paid for by part payment methods.

Q. Can I cancel at any time?

A. Yes, you can cancel your subscriptions at any time.

Q. I've moved house, how do I update where my subscription is being sent to?

A. Please log in to your Emma Lewisham account, click 'Manage Subscription' and then select the address your subscription is being sent to - this will open a dialogue box where you can update the details. 

Q. Am I able to set up a subscription on a non-refill product?

A. Subscriptions are only available on our refills as we want to encourage you to take part in our circular business model - when you purchase refills over new products you save up to 74% in carbon emissions (Emma Lewisham Toitu Climate Positive Certification data 2021).

If you have any questions about setting up or managing a subscription, please feel free to contact us at hello@emmalewisham.co.nz

Please read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more information.