We are now proud to be a B Corp Certified business.

Our purpose is to set a new benchmark in beauty, through creating a positive impact on people’s skin, wellbeing and planet. In joining the global B Corp community, we are solidifying our promise to always balance purpose and profit and consistently use our business as a force for good.

B Corp is a holistic certification that assures our social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency are of the highest standard across every aspect of our business - from the way we treat our workers, to our governance, to the impact we have on communities and the environment. B Corp certifications are a symbol of trust that organisations are committed to creating a positive impact.

The process of obtaining our B Corp certification was undertaken from April to November 2021. Due to our existing commitment to transparency and previous certification work, we managed to complete our certification within 6 months, compared to the more typical 9-12 month process. We scored 90 points, which compares very positively to our industry peers.

Emma Lewisham Team

We are proud to be part of the B Corp community of global leaders who believe in transitioning to an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy. With our collective vision, we have the power to move away from extraction, towards regeneration and expedite meaningful change towards a sustainable future. At Emma Lewisham, we are dedicated to continuous improvement and creating a future that benefits all people, communities and the planet. We’re thrilled to have our mission supported by our B Corp Certification.

In recognition of our B Corp certification, we have partnered with environmental nonprofit, Project Zero, to adopt and preserve several ocean sanctuaries. Project Zero is a global network of ocean sanctuaries located across the Arctic, Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans, protecting them from drilling, mining, fishing and pollution in order to foster prosperous ocean biodiversity and mitigate the effects of rapid climate change.