We’re thrilled to share that scientist, activist and icon, Dr Jane Goodall, invited Emma to be a guest on her new Podcast, The Jane Goodall Hopecast.

Jane’s podcast takes listeners on a one-of-a-kind journey as they learn from Dr. Goodall's extraordinary life and hear from changemaking guests from every arena.

Jane and Emma discuss the transformative power of consumers that are pushing businesses and governments towards innovations that will create the kind of standards of sustainability and ethics we all deserve.

This conversation follows on from Jane’s unique endorsement of our circular and Climate Positive business model last year, with Jane saying:

“Emma Lewisham may be setting a new benchmark in beauty, but they are also setting a benchmark for how all industries should be operating – circular, waste-free and carbon positive. I sincerely hope that the beauty industry can follow Emma Lewisham’s lead. I believe they are paving the way for the future.”

To listen to Emma and Jane’s informative and inspirational conversation, click the link below or simply search for ‘The Jane Goodall Hopecast. In Jane’s words, ‘join us as we get curious, grow compassion and take action to build a better world for all.’

Listen now on The Jane Goodall Hopecast