We are proudly New Zealand owned and operated and our laboratory is 10 minutes from our head office in Auckland, New Zealand.

In New Zealand our electricity grid is 80% renewable meaning it has a very low carbon footprint compared to others globally. This helps us ensure we have some of the lowest GHG emissions for manufacturing our products. Our goal is to use 100% renewable energy sources. 100% of our manufacturing (products, packaging) and office operations are powered by renewable energy. 

One of our biggest challenges about being located in New Zealand is how far we need to transport ingredients and product. Freight emissions are our biggest contributor to our carbon footprint for our products.

Our laboratory holds an organic manufacturer’s certification from BioGro to manufacture NATRUE certified natural and BioGro certified organic products, meeting internationally recognised standards. The water used in their manufacturing process is treated, before going back into our waterways. All though not officially accredited they also pay a living wage instead of a minimum wage.

Meet our scientist – Judy

“I love working with Emma and her team. It’s a very collaborative approach and together we push each other to achieve what hasn’t been achieved in natural skincare. Emma Lewisham products use the most luxurious and premium ingredients available and deliver efficacious results. There’s no compromise and the work Emma does to review her full supply chain is truly such a significant amount of work and a huge undertaking. We are very proud of what we have created”


Vessel Packaging Supplier, New Zealand

Our vessel supplier is based in Auckland, New Zealand and provide us our glass bottles and 100% recycled plastic (not made in New Zealand - as we currently do not have any facilities here to make beauty packaging). They are a young, innovative, and family run organisation who have been proactive in sourcing and developing refillable packaging options to help us achieve our 100% circular goal.

Together we were able to deliver a world first 100% post consumer recycled (PCR) plastic tube in 2019. However, we since found that these tubes could not be refilled due to their design. So we have been working to replace these tubes with a circular and refillable packaging solution by 2021. A good example of our commitment to continuous improvement.

The Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers of our Skin shield tubes and the manufacturer of Skin Reset and Supernatural products are both ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 certified. All conditions of employment as set out by Chinese and Taiwanese Labour Standard Laws are strictly adhered to and workers are fairly remunerated based on their roles and responsibility. Our New Zealand packaging supplier has visited the factories and offices and are impressed with the working standards.


Box Packaging New Zealand

The suppliers of our secondary packaging (product boxes)  are an Accredited PEFC supplier. PEFC is an international programme promoting sustainable forest management. They also have an Integrated Management System (IMS) that covers Quality, Health and Safety and Environmental management.