We know that pregnancy can be a tricky time to navigate what you can and can’t use on your skin.

To help answer all your questions, we sat down with founder of The Facialist, expert esthetician and mama to be, Ashleigh Scott.

In the below Q&A, Ashleigh talks us through her top tips for taking care of her skin during pregnancy, the most common prenatal skin concerns, and how you can best combat these using our range of 100% natural, pregnancy safe products.

What is a common skin concern that clients experience during pregnancy?

Skin can go through many changes during pregnancy with all the hormonal changes happening in the body. Many people find changes to their oil production, hormonal breakouts can occur and inflammatory conditions like peri-oral dermatitis are heightened.

Hyperpigmentation is also a common concern during pregnancy. Melasma is hormonally driven pigmentation and many people suffer from this during pregnancy. It can be extremely difficult to shift, even after pregnancy. Skin Reset Serum is one of the only topical products that I’ve found that can help to shift this type of pigmentation, as well as helping to prevent new pigmentation.

How do you use Emma Lewisham to combat and address these pregnancy skin concerns?
Illuminating Oil Cleanser every evening is great for deeply cleansing the skin, without stripping the skin of essential lipids. Illuminating Exfoliant also helps to remove impurities and improve skin tone and texture when used 1-2x every week.

I recommend my clients use Skin Reset Serum twice daily to help with hyperpigmentation. It is also anti-inflammatory and incredibly healing for hormonal breakouts.

Supernatural Vitamin A Oil is my go-to during pregnancy as a pregnancy-safe version of retinol (it contains natural Bakuchiol instead). It also helps to nourish the skin and improve skin tone.

What kind of results can you expect once your skin has been treated with Emma Lewisham?
You will immediately notice an increase in hydration, plumpness, and glow to the skin. Over time you will begin to see a reduction in redness, breakouts will heal, and pigmentation will begin to lessen.

What are your top tips for taking care of your skin during pregnancy?
Consistency is key. Sticking to a good skincare regime morning and evening. You can still use active products like Skin Reset Serum without worrying about any harmful ingredients.