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Skin during pregnancy

What happens to your skin during pregnancy?

Your body goes through a lot during pregnancy. Any mother will know, it’s equal parts incredibly beautiful and incredibly challenging.

These changes within your body often materialise externally, through your skin. Each person’s experience is different but there are some common changes we see in the skin during pregnancy.

These include hyperpigmentation which is affected by hormonal changes, and acne breakouts which are also affected by hormones and excess sebum (oil) in particular.

Through a deep understanding of the skin’s physiology, our products are engineered to address these common pregnancy issues.

“Melasma is hormonally driven pigmentation and many people experience this during pregnancy. It can be extremely difficult to shift, even after pregnancy.”

– Emma

Skin Reset Serum was designed to address this type of pigmentation

Illuminating Exfoliant is a gentle exfoliant without any harmful ingredients


• Our Skin Reset helps to ‘switch off the tap’ so melanocytes produce less melanin (pigment), and then blocks its pathway, keeping melanin below the surface of the skin where it can’t be seen. It also targets the dispersion of existing pigmentation.
• Always wear an SPF as UV is the leading cause of hyperpigmentation and prevention is key.

Treating oil build up during pregnancy:

• Use a gentle cleanser, twice a day.
• Avoid harsh exfoliants, look for gentle physical exfoliants as pregnancy skin can be sensitive and prone to irritation.
• Don’t be afraid of oils and moisturisers.

“Consistency is key to taking care of your skin during pregnancy. Stick to a good skincare regime morning and evening.”

– Ashleigh Scott, The Facialist

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