We recently caught up with Sydney based make-up artist Isabella Schimid to get her tips on how to prepare your skin to achieve a glowing “no make-up look”.

With over 25 years’ experience, Isabella has worked with some of the best luxury fashion brands in the world and is renowned for creating beautiful, natural looks.

Isabella's no make-up look routine: 

The most important step, in my eyes, is double cleansing. I recommend first cleansing using the Illuminating Oil Cleanser and then the Illuminating Exfoliant for your second cleanse.

I like to massage the oil cleanser into the skin using a Gua Sha to get the blood and lymphatic system moving. The exfoliant then helps to remove any dead skin build up and brightens the skin. This makes sure the skin is completely clean from the day’s dirt, makeup and bacteria and prepares the skin for the rest of my mini facial that I like to do before applying makeup.

When it comes to applying makeup, there is nothing worse than skin that has not been cleaned properly. It’s like an artist painting on a dirty piece of canvas, skin that hasn’t been cleaned and exfoliated can be uneven, discoloured and make my job that much harder to perfect. I always remove cleansers with a damp face cloth or sponge.

No Make Up Look. Photo credits Drew Wheeler. Model Lilly Stent
Photo credits Drew Wheeler. Model Lilly Stent

Next, I apply the Skin Reset Serum onto the skin and then use an LED face mask to infuse the serum. This helps to heal and brighten the skin.

After this, massage the Supernatural Face Oil into the skin for a good five minutes. I like to use a massage tool to work the oil deeper into the skin and to bring all the blood up to the surface of the skin. Massaging is essential in creating the best-looking glow and flush. It also helps with muscle tone, de-puffs the eye area and when you use a cold massage tool it can calm and soothe any inflammation. Great for all skin types, the Vitamin A face Oil is light and can be worked well into the skin for a fast-absorbing glow.

"Skin Prep is an absolute must to achieve the best looking no make-up look."

My final step is the Illuminating Brighten Your Day Crème. This crème deeply hydrates and leaves a beautiful, luminous glow.

TIP - I also like to add a little more Illuminating Brighten Your Day Crème after I apply a light foundation on the cheek bone and over the eyelid. This gives an extra boost of radiance to the skin and eye area.

All I need to do now is apply a little concealer, brush up the brows, curl the lashes and add a pop of colour/gloss to the lips, and that’s how I achieve a really natural ‘no make-up’ look.