Here at Emma Lewisham, we not only celebrate Earth Day today, but every day. The official theme for this year is ‘Together, we can Restore Our Earth’ and we care deeply about ensuring that our children can enjoy Mother Nature - clean and beautiful, just as we have. Therefore, it is our mission to lead a movement towards a circular, carbon positive and transparent beauty industry, where refills, recycling and regeneration are simply responsible business.  

What do we do at Emma Lewisham?

Beauty Circle — Refill and Recycling Program 

The Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle is all part of our relentless pursuit to set a new standard in the beauty industry. We have a goal to be a 100% circular designed brand, which means all of our products and packaging can be kept in circulation and contributes to the lowest carbon emissions model of beauty.

Regenerative Agriculture

Our vision is to source 100% of our ingredients from regenerative agriculture, an approach to farming that seeks to increase biodiversity and, importantly, capture carbon in soil and plants to take it out of the atmosphere. This decision is to support our carbon positive path, and to restore, not just sustain.

Carbon Positive Path

We are currently measuring our carbon footprint across our entire operations from our first year of business and will finish this process by June 2021. We want to hold ourselves accountable for our emissions from the beginning and act as we plan to carry on. 

Animal Welfare

We firmly believe animal cruelty is more than just testing the finished beauty products on animals. Not only do we not test on animals, we review every ingredient in our products, to ensure they are not tested on animals. We also are constantly reviewing ingredients we use to ensure that popularity and demand do not lead to deforestation and loss of animal life. We are certified Animal Testing Free and Cruelty Free, by PETA.

Locally Made

We care deeply about how all of our products are made and producing them in the most thoughtful way possible. Our laboratory produces our products using renewal energy, has strict waste management plans, water recycling processes in place and treats people with fairness and respect. We are incredibly proud of everything that goes into the production of our products.

What can you do?

Research what is and isn’t recyclable. Despite popular belief, much of the packaging used by beauty brands is not recycled. This is because of the simple economics of recycling. There are lots of costs (and GHG emissions) associated with recycling and if no one buys the recycled material it simply isn’t viable to recycle it. Read about the recycled content in our packaging here. So outside of reusing refillable packaging what else can you do to help? We recommend you always wash your empty packaging before putting it out to be collected, and you check with your local collector what materials they accept (this is typically listed on your collection bins).  

Be mindful of water use. As nice as taking a long, hot shower is, it is also wasteful and harmful to the planet. Every minute you spend in the shower uses up to 17 litres of water which adds up quickly! There are many ways to reduce your water consumption such as eating seasonally, turn off the taps while brushing your teeth, catching rain water and so many more. These are simple ways you can help preserve our earth. 

Only buy products that are cruelty free. There are so many brands out there that still test on animals and making a commitment to shopping cruelty-free can help the environment in many ways such as the use of less chemicals that are harmful to the planet makes it easier to utilise natural and more sustainable ingredients and materials. Not to mention you’re helping to save animals! 

We must Restore Our Earth not just because we care about the natural world, but because we live on it. Every one of us needs a healthy Earth to support our jobs, livelihoods, health & survival, and happiness. A healthy planet is not an option — it is a necessity.

Creating positive impact simply takes one passionate person after another, choosing to embody the change they wish to see. And person by person, slowly but steadily - a movement grows - a movement that has the power to change the world and Restore Our Earth. 

Thank you for joining our movement, we can't do it without you. We are proud of our progress so far to set new benchmarks in beauty but there is still much to do, to achieve a truly beautiful, beauty industry.


Emma x