Tips from Australia’s leading estheticians

We spoke to Australia’s leading skincare experts Nicole and Clare from FENN, to discover their top beauty tips for your most healthy, beautiful and radiant skin. Emma Lewisham also dropped by to provide insights on how the product range is able to really deliver skincare results.

Adored by celebrities, FENN is Sydney’s luxury skincare and wellness destination with Clare and Nicole blending cutting-edge innovation with traditional techniques to deliver the very best in beauty treatments.

Q. What is the most common skin concern that clients ask you to address?

FENN: Radiance/Glow! Everyone wants to feel their best and look happy and healthy.

Q. What Emma Lewisham product do you use to help clients get radiant and glowing skin? 

FENN: Supernatural Vitamin A Face Oil  - for the best results we find layering this over the top of the Supernatural 72 Hour Crème at night really nourishes and protects the skin. We also recommended to our clients that you use it in the morning as well. As the Bakuchiol doesn't make your skin sensitive to the sun it's perfect to create a dewy glowy finish. It absorbs beautifully into the skin and is a great base for a tinted moisturiser to give that minimal look. (I'm doing this at the moment, its so nice!)

Emma Lewisham: Yes, this formulation is incredible at giving the most radiant glow.  It's packed with the most nutrient rich, bioactive botanicals that firm and hydrate so it's my absolute go-to for glowing, dewy skin. It's also rich in vitamin A and E which visibly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smooths and tones the complexion and strengthens the skin barrier for optimal hydration

Q. What kind of results can do clients experience after a treatment with Triple A Face Oil?

FENN: The triple A Face oil is a brilliant alternative to Retinol - whether you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or just incredibly sensitive to Vitamin A, you can use this product. It is a results oriented formula that is gentle yet effective and creates serious glow. Bakuchiol helps reduce the signs of aging, while antioxidants, amino acids and omegas restore a healthy, youthful and illuminating glow. Luxurious and fast absorbing for instant radiance.

Q. Emma, why did you develop this product? What makes it unique? 

Emma Lewisham: This lightweight, nutrient dense elixir was developed to deliver complete skin nourishment. The highly effective natural alternative to retinol and hailed skincare hero - Bakuchiol - helps reduce the signs of aging, while antioxidants, amino acids and omegas restore a healthy, youthful and illuminating glow. Like all our formulations, it harnesses innovative natural actives, in higher potencies and powerful combinations to deliver scientifically proven results that rival and in many cases outperform the most well known skincare brands on the market.  

Q. What are you top tips for taking care of your skin?

FENN: Consistency - it doesn’t need to be over complicated but you do need to be consistent and thorough. Take the time to cleanse, remove with a clean warm compress, drink adequate amounts of water, take time out for yourself and enjoy applying a serum and moisturiser of an evening.

Emma Lewisham: Lifestyle plays a huge part in healthy skin, there is nothing more powerful that nourishing your body from the inside. So, I drink lots of water, eat healthy, predominantly plant-based foods, get plenty of sleep and I meditate daily. When it comes to skincare, I follow our Emma Lewisham routines morning and night and most importantly - never, ever skip sunscreen.