This month we caught up with skincare experts Nicole & Clare from FENN Beauty to discuss the ins and outs of developing a skin care routine, why it’s important and some tips on how to create your perfect routine.

As the largest organ in the body, it’s important to ensure that the skin is both looking and functioning at its best, which comes through the implementation of a consistent and tailored routine. Everyday the skin is exposed to a range of environmental pollutants as well as the harsh impact of the sun (yes, even during winter). The role of quality skincare is to minimise these effects and deliver strong results over time.

The foundation of every skincare routine starts with a great cleanser and moisturiser, like Emma Lewisham’s Illuminating Oil Cleanser and Brighten Your Day Creme. The cleanser effectively cleans the skin whilst remaining gentle enough to ensure there is no stripping of the microbiome, then the moisturiser seals in essential hydration, with its triple Vitamin C also helping to brighten the skin.

Your morning and evening skincare routines have different focuses so will use different combinations of products.

  • Morning tip: Focus your morning routine on protective products/ingredients - we want products that are rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, that fight free radicals, don’t increase sensitivity to the sun, and are lighter in consistency in order to work well under sunscreens and make up.
  • Evening tip: Use products in the evening that assist in repair and renewal as the body uses this time of the day to regenerate cells. We want products which are proven to regenerate collagen and offer lasting hydration.

The complexity of a skincare routine will often depend on your age and the associated concerns that come with that period of your life. This can start in childhood with the regular routine of using SPF and sun protection products and develop into the teens as the skin adapts and changes.

Integrating a quality night créme or face oil can be really beneficial as the skin requires extra moisture after the age of 25. We love Emma Lewisham’s Supernatural range for this, which includes the anti-ageing Supernatural Créme with collagen peptides and 72-hour hydration, and the Supernatural Face Oil with Vitamins A, C and E.

When you start incorporating efficacious skin care products with a high level of active ingredients, it’s not unusual to see a reaction or a ‘skin purge’. We recommend that when you start to introduce these products in your routine, that you do so gradually, using the new product every second or third day whilst tolerance builds.

While your at home routine for day to day care of your skin is important, you can also see skin benefits through visiting a qualified esthetician. These skin care professionals offer expert treatments tailored to specific skin concerns and can assist in building out the best skincare routine for your individual needs. Additionally, they can enhance your experience with specialist techniques and treatments, such as clinical grade LED light therapy designed to stimulate cell renewal and repair.

For people that need a product that works as hard as they do, we would recommend Emma Lewisham’s Supernatural Face Oil. Carefully created with three sources of vitamin A, it also contains Bakuchiol, an incredible plant-based alternative to retinol that delivers the same anti-ageing results.