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Skin Reset comes out on top for brightening and evening skin tone

We wanted to share with you the results of independent lab testing, which has found our Skin Reset concentrated brightening serum outperforms other cosmeceuticals and high-end synthetic brightening creams.  Setting a new standard in the beauty industry for an issue that's the number two skincare concern of Australian and New Zealand women.

In vitro testing was undertaken by Trinity Bioactives in November 2019 to compare the effects of 10 different products on levels of melanin produced by cultured human skin melanocytes. Trinity Bioactives found that Emma Lewisham Skin Reset was one of only four of the 10 products that inhibited melanin production significantly within just 24 hours.

Increased melanin production is of course, one of the principal causes of hyperpigmentation and dull, uneven skin tone. Inhibiting melanin production improves hyperpigmentation and brightness. With 24 targeted natural ingredients, Skin Reset works by shutting down hyperpigmentation in two different pathways.

The patented organically grown beauty complex in the serum contains active ingredients that interfere with an enzyme in the cells called tyrosinase. When UV light from the sun comes into contact with the enzyme it is usually activated to produce pigment, which travels to the upper layer of the skin and is seen as dark spots or hyperpigmentation. These plant actives inhibit tyrosinase, stopping the metabolic process that creates pigment. And if any pigment somehow manages to form, the vitamin B3 active works further downstream to deter the pigment from transferring to the skin’s surface.

"Emma Lewisham Skin Reset was the standout product for inhibiting hyperpigmentation.  It was unique among the four fast-acting inhibitors of melanin as it was the only one that did not achieve its effect by killing the melanocytes – which means that the product's technology shuts down the pathway directly of the melanocytes.  This is impressive and shows the product works but not at the detriment of the health of the melanocytes." - Dr Paul Davis, Director of research at Trinity Bioactives.

As well as being the most effective melanin inhibitor, our Skin Reset serum was the only product tested that was 100 per cent natural (NATRUE definition)



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