This month we were thrilled to catch up with, Danielle Harper, founder of Alma Studio in Havelock North. She is a teacher of yoga, Pilates, and the Gyrotonic Method and a health and longevity enthusiast.  We asked Danielle about her workout and skincare routines: 

As an athlete, routine is a huge part of my life, it pervades the way I eat, sleep and move my body. My skin care is no different, in order to achieve the healthy glow that I want, routine is key. Working in an environment where I can’t really wear makeup - I am incredibly motivated to keep my skin looking refreshed, even toned and supple. I’d love to share my top tips for pre and post-workout skin care that are staples in my routine and help me look fresh and vibrant. 

Pre-workout routine: going into a hot yoga room or a sweaty pilates class means that my pores are going to open and breathe - if there is dirt or makeup on the skin’s surface it clogs my pores.  So the very first step to my workouts is always a cleanse of my skin, for this cleanse I love the Emma Lewisham Illuminating Oil Cleanser as it is gentle on the skin but a very effective cleanser. As I age I also really appreciate that the oil cleanser doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight and dry. 

My approach to skincare has always been more is more, and so I take the opportunity to apply all the goodies before my workout as an “extra dose” of all the wonderful ingredients in my skin care products. 

I start with Emma Lewisham’s Skin Reset Serum, followed by a dollop of the Skin Reset Eye Creme and then the Illuminating Brighten Your Day Moisturiser. I never leave the house without SPF, so my last step is the Skinshield SPF 30. I let all that goodness marinate into my skin during my workout as my blood is pumping carrying. 

Post-workout: After exercise I start my whole routine again, post-workout I alternate between cleansing my skin with the Oil Cleanser and the Exfoliating Cleanser. I like to take the opportunity post-workout to scrub away all the impurities that have come to the surface through my sweat. The Exfoliating Cleanser is gentle enough that I can use it as often as I like and not irritate my skin. I then apply my second “dose” of all my skincare, the Skin Reset Serum, followed by the Eye Creme, Brighten Your Day Moisturiser and top it off with the Skinshield SPF30. By the end of my second application my skin feels extra plump and moisturised, setting me up to feel confident in the day ahead. 

Our skin should be considered in everything that we do - especially exercise. The skin is our largest organ, and is the boundary between our internal world and the environment. Our body spends much effort keeping that boundary fortified and strong.  Keeping the skin, clean, moisturised and protected from the sun means that our body can divert its efforts from fortifying the boundary to other functions - like the exertion of the workout.


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