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Boosts Radiance

Improves Fine Lines


Carbon number: 21.5 kgCO₂e/litre
This next-generation natural alternative-to-retinol formulation is scientifically proven to outperform 1% Retinol*, designed to deliver results without irritation or unwanted si...
Carbon number: 21.5 kgCO₂e/litre

This next-generation natural alternative-to-retinol formulation is scientifically proven to outperform 1% Retinol*, designed to deliver results without irritation or unwanted side effects. Engineered with our proprietary Physiology Synchrony Unlock Method™, its pioneering formulation harnesses 15 high performing ingredients including innovative Chloroplast extracts that work in concert with Bakuchiol to deliver a unique two-step non-retinol system. This system supports both increasing the cellular production of collagen by up to 27%** while decreasing the activity of the enzymes responsible for its degradation*, to help strengthen skin and visibly improve fine lines and wrinkles. This luxurious oil delivers proven antioxidant rich protection to improve skin tone and complexion, and improve the appearance of wrinkles***

*Independent in-vitro test (2023)
**Independent in-vitro test (2024)
***Independent in-vivo test (2022)

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Higher fibroblast proliferation (which is what synthesises collagen) versus 1% Retinol and another brand. (1)


Agree since using Supernatural Face Oil their skin’s tone and texture looks dramatically transformed (2)


Agree that since using Supernatural Face Oil their skin looks firmer and lifted and feels more supple and elastic (2)

Source: (1) Independent in vitro by a biomedical laboratory 2023. (2) Consumer Survey July 2022. Based on 30 respondents.

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"Retinol's skincare reign is over — this natural product outperforms it in the lab"

Supernatural Face Oil

Application and Routine

Work up to using Supernatural Face Oil daily, introduce it to your routine by using it every third day. In the evening this should be the final step of your skincare routine. If you are using in the morning, follow this step with Skin Shield SPF 30. Massage 2-3 drops as needed into face, neck, and décolletage.

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Clinical Testing and Ingredients

Emma Lewisham's Physiology Synchrony Unlock Method™ is our proprietary skin-first formulating philosophy, which blends up to 25 scientific ingredients that are selected for their proven effect on the skin. The true breakthrough happens when these ingredients work in symphony across multiple skin pathways to unlock transformational results.

Our formulations are fundamentally different. Uniquely developed by scientists and physiologists with over 100 years combined experience, our formulas are engineered with up to 25 meticulously chosen ingredients that are individually efficacious, but in combination amplify each other to provide three-dimnesional, next generation results.

The most powerful way to interact with the skin is naturally, therefore we only use natural ingredients, harnessing both bio-identical ingredients found within the skin as well as the specialised, scientifically proven natural plant extracts. These bio-active ingredients work in harmony with the skin to trigger powerful cellular responses that deliver unparalleled results.

While our ingredients are natural, naturally derived and nature identical, we recommend doing a patch test or consulting your medical practitioner before using any new skincare product, particularly if you have sensitive skin or allergies.

Clinical Testing Results Arrow

  • Fibroblast proliferation (which is what synthesises collagen) is 32% higher for Supernatural Face Oil than 1% Retinol and another leading brand.*****
  • Supernatural Face Oil is clinically proven to synthesise collagen production at a cellular level by up to 27%*
  • Scientifically proven to deliver sustained antioxidant rich protection by up to 16% over 8 hours** to improve tone and complexion***
  • Scientifically proven to improve the appearance of wrinkle depth over 8 weeks****
  • Supernatural Face Oil outperforms 2% Retinol at stimulating collagen production******

  • Source:
    *Independent in-vitro test (2024)
    **Independent biomedical laboratory in-vitro test (2020)
    ***Independent biomedical laboratory in-vitro test (2021) investigating the antioxidant activity on macrophage cells.
    ****Independent in-vivo test (2022) investigating improvement to wrinkle and elasticity to skin over 8 weeks.
    *****Independent in vitro by a biomedical laboratory 2023.
    ******Independent in-vitro test (2024)


    Ingredients Arrow


    Two-Step Retinol-Like Complex: Harnessing cutting edge ingredient technology, this two-step system stimulates enhanced levels of similar cellular processes that are triggered by Vitamin A. Specialised extracts from plant chloroplasts, combined with bakuchiol, stimulate collagen production and repair to help the skin regain a strong and smooth finish.

    Collagen bookending complex: An end to end collagen boost is delivered through both increasing collagen production* and decreasing its degradation. This specialised collagen-complex is proven to stimulate an increase in collagen synthesis* while decreasing the activity of key enzymes responsible for collagen degradation**.

    *Independent in-vitro test (2020) **Independent in-vitro test (2023)

    Ingredients List

    Camellia japonica seed oil • Jojoba esters • Citrullus lanatus seed oil • Opuntia ficus-indica seed oil • Terminalia ferdinandiana seed oil • Tridecane • Undecane • Squalene • Bakuchiol • Schisanda chinensis fruit extract • Medicago sativa extract • Cocos nucifera oil • Alaria esculenta extract • Jojoba oil/Macadamia seed oil esters • Phytosterols • Phytosteryl macadamiate • Tocopherol • Argania spinosa kernel oil • Calophyllum inophyllum seed oil • Limnanthes alba seed oil • Oenothera biennis oil • Prunus avium seed oil • Rosa canina fruit oil • Caprylic/capric triglyceride • Parfum • Citronellol • Geraniol • Linalool • Citral • Limonene

    White Paper Arrow

    Read our white paper for comprehensive information about this specific product formulation.

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    Sustainability and Refills

    All Emma Lewisham products are Toitū Climate Positive certified PAS 2050 and are designed to be circular. Through our global circularity programme, ‘Beauty Circle’, we take back all of our used packaging to be refilled or recycled.

    Carbon number: 21.5 kgCO₂e/litre.

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